Whenever a new piece of hardware or software is launched, there is bound to be some kind of teething problems. Whether or not these problems detract from the overall experience or if it’s a minor inconvenience varies. That being said, some Galaxy S8 owners are reporting that they are experiencing some wireless charging issues with their handsets.


In a post on the Samsung forums, one user writes, “Just got the S8+ today.  I attempted to use my wife’s Samsung lay down fast charger but it will not charge.  It keeps blinking charging paused.  As the YouTube link suggests, I’m not the only one experiencing this.  Using the charger and cable that came with the phone works just fine.  Just no wireless.”

Not everyone is affected by the problems, obviously, but for those who are they keep seeing a “charging paused” message. Changing up the cables didn’t seem to do anything different, and when tried with older and other Samsung phones it seemed to work fine, suggesting that maybe it could be due to some kind of firmware problem with the Galaxy S8.

Some users are having luck by using the new wireless chargers, and most of the problems seem to stem from users reusing their older wireless charging pads. However as one user points out, this shouldn’t be an issue because they all use the Qi standard to begin with. In any case Samsung has yet to acknowledge the problem but hopefully they’ll look into it. In the meantime any of our readers encounter similar problems with their phones?

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