Just like how most of us hate junk mail, junk text messages, spam calls are just as annoying because unlike emails or text messages that can be deleted easily, spam calls require you to answer the phone first before realizing that you’ve been duped. Now there are various services out there that protects against such calls, and Google Voice is one of them.

In a post on the Google Voice Help Forum, “To better protect you from unwanted calls, we’ve recently improved our spam filter for Google Voice. Using the same technology that powers spam protection in Pixel, Nexus, and Android One devices, we now catch 2x more spammers, receive 20% fewer spam reports from users, and identify 40% more calls correctly as spam than ever before.”

It should be noted that last year Google’s Phone app had a feature where it warned users that the call they are about to answer could be from a spam caller, so we guess this feature has now been extended to Google Voice, so now Google Voice users will be able to enjoy the same level of protection.

Like we said there are various services offered that protect users on a carrier level. For example last year AT&T launched a service that would protect customers from spam calls, but we guess having more filters to catch these calls is always welcome.

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