Microsoft is due to launch new hardware in the near future and while much has been rumored and said about the Surface Book 2, we haven’t really heard much about the Surface Pro 5. Some early details about the Surface Pro 5 have been leaked online and they suggest that the company isn’t making any major changes to this product.

It said that the Surface Pro 5 is going to retain the proprietary Surface power connector and that Microsoft is not going to make any significant changes to this product. It may very well be just a refreshed version of the existing Surface Pro device with better internals.

Speaking of internals, the Surface Pro 5 is expected to be powered by Intel’s latest Kaby Lake processors, as one would expect from a next-generation Windows device. No further details about the internal specifications have been offered as yet.

It remains to be seen if Microsoft decides to put in a USB Type-C port, many would expect it to, given that most PC manufacturers are now including at least one of these ports in their new machines.

However, it’s not surprising to hear that Microsoft might retain the Surface power connector. It committed to making sure that all Surface Pro 3 adapters, docking stations, and covers were compatible with the Surface Pro 4 so it may very well make that commitment with the Surface Pro 5 as well.

Microsoft is expected to unveil the Surface Pro 5 at an event in the coming weeks.

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