Spotify subscribers who own an Apple Watch might have wondered at some point why Spotify hasn’t released an official app for their smartwatch. Indeed, that’s a valid question, as one would have expected the world’s most widely used music streaming service to cater to users on one of the world’s most popular smartwatches. It has now been confirmed that Spotify is finally working on one.

Developer Andrew Chang was irked by the fact that there was no Spotify app for the Apple Watch so he decided to make his own. His app was first called Spotty but the name was changed in February when Spotify reached out to Chang because it thought that the name of his app and its interface was very similar to Spotify.

However, Spotify was actually impressed by what Chang had been able to do with the app so much so that the company decided to hire him and now he’s working on the official Spotify app for the Apple Watch.

Chang had promised back then that he would add features like Siri support, watch face complications, offline sync support, and even the ability to download playlists on the Apple Watch when Snowy was available.

While we know that he’s working on the official app now, it remains to be seen if these features will be included in the app when it arrives. Spotify hasn’t confirmed when it’s going to release the official app for Apple Watch.

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