It is probably safe to assume that with the success they’ve been having that OnePlus will most likely launch a new OnePlus handset later this year, presumably in the form of the OnePlus 5. Now thanks to a recent sighting at China’s radio regulation authority, a OnePlus handset bearing the model number A5000 was discovered.

For those who aren’t familiar with the OnePlus model numbers, the OnePlus 3 had the A3000 model number, while the OnePlus 3T had the A3010 model number. Given that this could be the A5000, it makes sense that it would have the A5000 model number. In case you didn’t know, the number “4” is usually regarded as bad luck in Chinese culture which might explain why OnePlus is skipping the OnePlus 4 in favor of the OnePlus 5. It’s also why in some countries you’ll realize why there is no fourth floor, but a “3A”.

That being said, the filing with China’s regulatory body doesn’t reveal much in terms of design or specs. However a recent rumor has suggested that the OnePlus 5 could pack some pretty high-end specs. This includes going up to a whopping 8GB of RAM, the use of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 chipset, and we could also be seeing OnePlus finally adopt the use of QHD displays, an upgrade over the previous model’s Full HD screen.

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