Pokemon Go was all the rage when it came out almost a year back. People were going crazy for this game and some were doing crazy things just to capture the virtual monsters. Many liked the fact that the game encouraged people to get up and get out to capture the monsters, at least they got some physical exercise as a result of it. However, it doesn’t appear to be doing so well in terms of user retention.

According to a new report, Pokemon Go daily active users have dropped by 23 million. The daily active users figure represents players who are still logging into Pokemon Go at least once every day. The latest data from comScore shows that Pokemon Go daily active users have dropped significantly from 28 million to 5 million.

Pokemon Go daily active users figure hit its peak in July last year with 28.5 million and once the novelty factor started wearing off, the numbers started to drop. At last count in December 2016, the figure was found at close to 5 million people who logged into the app daily, representing a decline of more than 80 percent.

It goes without saying that this is a significant drop but one must factor in that the app blew up far more than anyone expected. This was bound to happen at some point.

Are you one of those people who were quick to pick up Pokemon Go and have sort of lost interest in it ever since? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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