Several years ago, Spotify launched their student pricing scheme where if you can prove that you are a student in a college in the US, you’d be able to subscribe to Spotify Premium for $5, which is basically 50% off the original price. Its availability has been a bit limited, but not anymore as Spotify has since expanded it to 33 new countries.


For students who are interested, head on over to Spotify’s website and sign up. Note that you’ll have to verify that you’re still a student and that this pricing will only be valid for the duration that you are a student, so don’t expect to graduate and keep paying $5 for the next 10 years. This plan is also similar to what Apple is offering Apple Music subscribers, so we guess it really boils down to which platform you think caters to your needs the best.

The subscription to Spotify Premium as a student is essentially the same if you were paying full price. This means that you’ll get access to offline listening, improved sound quality, and also as Spotify has recently announced, Premium subscribers will get access to release of new albums ahead of those on the free tier (although this seems to only apply to albums under Universal’s label, for now).

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