If there’s a thing that developers and publishers like to do these days it is to offer up different versions of the game and they are selling. Sometimes this comes in the form of a standard and a deluxe version, where the deluxe version will come with additional goodies like special skins, in-game items, portraits, and so on.


Star Wars Battlefront 2 is no different, but the good news is that if you’d rather not fork out extra money to purchase the Deluxe Edition, you’ll be pleased to learn that the content that you get from the Deluxe Edition can actually be earned in the game itself. The main difference is that the Deluxe Edition means you’ll get all the items right off the bat, but if you don’t mind grinding it out and doing some farming, then you could save yourself a couple of bucks.

This was confirmed by the game’s designer Christian Johannesén who answered a question posed by a gamer as to whether the content would be unlockable, in which he replied by saying, “Can be unlocked by playing.” This is great news for gamers who want to save some money, although we guess it does make the Deluxe Edition feel a little less special now.

That being said, Star Wars Battlefront 2 has been confirmed for a release on the 17th of November, 2017 where it will arrive on the PS4, Xbox One, and the PC.

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