While some competing carmakers have called Tesla “irresponsible” over features like Autopilot, Tesla owners on the other hand appear to be pretty happy with it. We’ve seen many videos uploaded and shared by Tesla owners and other drivers that show how the Autopilot feature has actually prevented more serious accidents from happening.

However not everyone is happy with the features and in a recent lawsuit filed against the company, some Tesla owners are suing the company over alleged missing safety features that would make features like Enhanced Autopilot safer to use. Some are claiming that these so-called safety features actually resulted in the car behaving more dangerously than ever.

One of the owners that is part of the proposed class-action lawsuit, Dean Sheikh, claims that upon receiving the update that was supposed to make his car safer, “the system operated in an unpredictable manner, sometimes veering out of lanes, lurching, slamming on the brakes for no reason, and failing to slow or stop when approaching other vehicles and obstacles. This rendered the Autopilot system unsafe to operate.”

However Tesla has responded by calling the lawsuit disingenuous. A Tesla spokesperson adds, “The inaccurate and sensationalistic view of our technology put forth by this group is exactly the kind of misinformation that threatens to harm consumer safety.”

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