Fake news is a growing problem, but thankfully we’re seeing social media platforms such as Facebook take active steps in trying to curb it. We’re also seeing efforts from the likes of Google, and even recently YouTube launched workshops in a bid to try and teach teens about how to identify fake news and how to do fact checking.

Now it looks like Wikipedia also wants to do their part in combating fake news. The website’s co-founder Jimmy Wales has announced that he will be launching a news service called Wikitribune that aims to offer up factual and neutral articles that will hopefully be able to tackle the problem of fake news.

Just like Wikipedia, Wikitribune will be a free service where it will be free of ads as well, and it will rely on supporters to make donations to help keep the service up and running. Accordingto Wales, “I think we’re in a world right now where people are very concerned about making sure we have high quality fact-based information, so I think there will be demand for this. We’re getting people to sign up as monthly supporters and the more monthly supporters we have the more journalists we can hire.”

The website is expected to be launched later this month. At the moment a demo is already available online but it seems to be only available to a select audience, such as media outlets.

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