Fake news is a growing problem especially when it has the ability to mislead countries and people into making the wrong decision. So much so that in India, the government has stated that admins in WhatsApp group chats could be get in trouble should they not remove group chat members who are spreading false information.

Now platforms like Google and Facebook are doing their part in trying to curb fake news, and over in the UK, YouTube has launched a new program called “Creators for Change”. This is a workshop aimed at teens in the country where it will promote awareness, tolerance and empathy, and also how to spot fake news by learning how to check facts.

According to the workshop’s description, “Google and YouTube want a safe and exciting web where young people can be creative, express themselves and belong. We are organising workshops that walk through some vital tips and skills that can help you do this in a safe and positive way. “

The workshops will be hosted by veteran YouTube creators so if you do follow them and subscribe to their channels, then they should be some familiar faces. The first workshop kicked off on the 21st of April in Liverpool, UK, but there are plans to expand it to other youth clubs in the country over the next few months.

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