Dark mode/themes aren’t exactly new but it seems that it has taken companies quite a while to implement them into their apps. For example it wasn’t too long ago that Twitter introduced a Night Mode to its mobile app, and for a while YouTube was also experimenting with a dark mode for its web interface.


Now it looks like Google could be bringing a similar feature to Chrome OS. In a post on Reddit, it has been discovered that in an experimental build of Chrome OS, Google appears to be trying out a new Night Mode for the OS. As the name implies, this will give the UI a darker look which should help to reduce the amount of strain on one’s eyes when using it in the dark or in low light.

Unfortunately given that this is a Chrome Canary build, it also means that this is highly experimental, and that it may or may not be included in the final version of Chrome OS that will be released for the public. However given that we’ve seen YouTube experiment with such a mode before, we guess it doesn’t really come as a surprise that Google would also try to incorporate it into Chrome OS.

Android was also previously supposed to get a Night Mode but ultimately it did not make the cut for Android 7.0 Nougat. That might change for Android O but it remains to be seen.

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