When you think of speakers, chances are you might think of speakers with cone-shaped drivers that are pretty much what you would expect from the majority of commercially available speakers today. However there also exists electrostatic speakers which are usually seen as more catered towards audiophiles.

However one of the drawbacks is that for users looking for that “punch” or “loudness”, electrostatic speakers aren’t necessarily the way to go. However in an Indiegogo campaign launched by IC One Two, the company has debuted a set of electrostatic speakers known as the Expanse Speakers that they claim has managed to overcome these so-called limitations.

As you can see in the video, it is pretty clear that these speakers do not look like your average set of speakers. In fact you would be hardpressed to think that they are even speakers to begin with, but as the company suggests, they’re in the business of making audio furniture, so if you want something that looks good and potentially sounds good, these speakers might be for you.

The Expanse Speakers are offered in two sizes, but regardless of size, they will also come with an active woofer that will help deliver on the low-end sound that is said to complement the crisp highs from the speakers. Now whether or not they will be able to deliver on their promise remains to be seen, but those who are interested can head on over to Indiegogo and back the project or to learn more about it.

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