Every year without fail, Samsung puts out a new Galaxy S handset. One of the things the lineup is known for would be its camera, and our review found that the Galaxy S8’s camera to be pretty amazing. However it seems that maybe it just wasn’t amazing enough for the folks at DxOMark because in their review, the handset falls shy of the top ranked handset, the Google Pixel.

During DxOMark’s review, they ultimately gave the phone a score of 88 for the Galaxy S8. This is one point away from the top smartphone which is the Google Pixel which scored an 89. This by no means indicates that the Galaxy S8’s camera is inferior, but it is interesting to see that Google’s Pixel handset is still leading the way.

This is because Google’s Nexus phones were never really known to feature good quality cameras, with some bordering on terrible in the past, although Google has made some pretty impressive strides since. The upside here is that at the very least Samsung managed to beat out their rival Apple whose iPhone 7 scored 86.

Based on DxOMark’s review, artifacts seems to be an area that the Galaxy S8 does not do quite as well in which might have pulled down the overall score. That being said, at the end of the day it boils down to your experience and if you like the results you are getting, and if you do then that’s all that really matters, right?

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