General Electric announced an interesting product in December last year. It’s a new circular lamp that has Alexa baked in. The company said that the product shown at that time was a prototype model and a lot of details about it were not revealed, including when it would be available and how much it would cost. GE has now revealed that information today so read after the jump if you’re interested in a lamp with Alexa in it.


This product is going to be called C by GE SOL, it’s like if GE held an internal contest for deciding the most confusing names for a product and then deciding to go with the best option. Apparently, the name is meant to signify that the device is part of GE’s C lineup of smart lights.

The lamp comes with Alexa baked in so it’s capable of doing anything and everything that you can ask Alexa to do. The lamp can also double as a clock by placing indicators where the hour and minute hands are supposed to go. Users can also configure the lamp to use a cooler or warmer light.

The company is going to sell the C by GE SOL for $199.99 when shipments begin in September. Interested customers can start placing pre-orders today at a discounted price of $159.99.

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