A new report claims that Google Assistant for iOS launch is going to take place soon. It may be announced as soon as this week at Google’s I/O developer conference. Assistant is reportedly going to be launched as a standalone app for iOS. Details are slim at this point in time but if an announcement is due soon, there’s not going to be a better stage than I/O 2017 for Google to make it.


AndroidPolice hears from a trusted source that Google Assistant launch for iOS may take place as soon as this week. It will be launched as a standalone app for Apple’s mobile platform.

The app is reportedly going to offer a mix of the chat style features in the Google Allo version of Assistant and the voice-enabled version found on Android. This isn’t confirmed, though, so the final implementation could end up being different.

The report also mentions that the Google Assistant for iOS launch is only going to be limited to the United States initially. It remains to be seen how long the company will take to expand it to other markets across the globe.

Google should make the announcement at I/O 2017 if one really is due. It’s the company’s software-focused event so it’s the appropriate place to make an announcement like this.

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