When you think of motorcycle company Harley-Davidson, “green” doesn’t necessarily pop to mind. However this doesn’t mean that the company isn’t thinking about it. In fact in a report from Drive (via Engadget), the company’s VP Bill Davidson recently revealed that Harley-Davidson plans to embrace the potential of electric bikes.

In fact over the next 10 year, the company is planning on making 100 new motorcycles which includes an entire range of electric ones as well. The idea of Harley-Davidson going green isn’t  new. In fact in 2014 the company showed off their Livewire electric bike concept, and just last year the company stated that they plan on launching an electric Harley-Davidson bike in the next 5 years.

The latest revelations from Davidson pretty much reaffirms what we’ve heard so far, and goes even further thanks to the company’s commitment to the technology. Of course one of the downsides of going electric is that the signature engine roar of the bike will be sacrificed in the process, but according to Davidson, the company is working on a sound that’s akin to that of a jet engine.

Davidson was quoted as saying, “While it doesn’t have a 45-degree, pushrod twin-cylinder engine it has the performance expected from a Harley Davidson even if it won’t sound the same.”

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