Not too long ago Microsoft took the wraps off the Surface Laptop. This is the latest laptop from Microsoft and interestingly enough, it does not come with any USB-C ports. A promo video that recently surfaced hinted that Microsoft had a prototype with USB-C, and if you’re wondering why that is, a Microsoft engineer has explained why.

Speaking to The Verge, general manager of Surface Engineering Pete Kyriacou explained the reason why Microsoft opted to go with more standard USB ports instead of the new USB-C. According to Kyriacou, one of the reasons is because going USB-C will be a pain for users, not to mention the varying standards that could cause users some confusion.

“What happened with USB-C is the cables look identical, but they start to have vastly different capabilities. So even someone in the know, confusion starts to set in.” He gives an example of how someone could use an underpowered USB-C charger thinking that they’re the same thing, and if the laptop ends up failing to charge properly, the blame will inevitably fall on Microsoft.

That is a fair point although we’re sure that there are some users who are hoping to futureproof their purchases can’t be too thrilled by it. Perhaps future iterations could sport USB-C, but if you’re the type that doesn’t like the idea of using adapters and dongles then we guess it was a good call by Microsoft.

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