Fans of the Resident Evil movie franchise might have been sad that it was ending but it appears that they have more to look forward to. A new report today confirms that there’s going to be a reboot of this video game film series and that there will be six additional movies that will be released in the years to come.


Martin Moszkowicz, chairman of the board at Constantin Film, confirmed to Variety at the Cannes Film Festival that a Resident Evil reboot is in development at the German production company which owns the rights to this franchise and has produced all previous Resident Evil movies.

The franchise was originally supposed to end with Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. It was released in January and grossed $312 million globally. Now, though, it’s going to live on.

All previous six Resident Evil films have starred Milla Jovovich in the lead. However, nothing has been confirmed about the reboot so far. It’s not known who is going to direct the movies and who will star in them. It’s not even known how the reboot is going to fit with the overall narrative of the franchise.

One thing is for sure, though, fans will be just as excited for the next six movies, if not more.

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