Tesla co-founder and CEO Elon Musk voice an idea a couple of months ago that involves boring tunnels underground in order to ease up traffic congestion on the roads. The city of Los Angeles was apparently open to the idea though a project of this magnitude would obviously require a formal approval. Musk today announced that The Boring Company has actually completed the very first section of its tunnel in Los Angeles.

Musk confirmed this on Twitter, as he tends to do with most of his announcements. The tunnel boring machine being used for this project is called “Godot.” He mentioned that the machine has begun boring and that it has just completed the first segment of the tunnel in LA.

Musk shared his vision of this project last month. It involves electric sleds on which cars would essentially be parked. These sleds would move underground at speeds of up to 124 miles-per-hour.

His vision involves dozens of tunnels forming a multi-layer tunnel network underground. It would probably take decades to achieve something of that sort but at least things appear to be moving forward.

It will be interesting to see how soon The Boring Company is able to complete enough of its first tunnel to actually put the idea to work.

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