You may remember that Tesla co-founder and CEO Elon Musk recently came up with the idea of boring tunnels under the surface to ease up the flow of traffic on the roads above. He liked this idea so much that he started a new company aptly called The Boring Company and has since showcased his vision for underground tunnels. Something of this sort can obviously not be achieved without having the city onboard. Musk has been talking about this idea with the city officials in Los Angeles and he says that those talks have been “promising.”

Musk said that he has had “promising conversations” about this idea with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. The mayor didn’t say who well the talks have been progressing in an interview with ABC, but he appears to be open to the idea.

The Boring Company aims to create a grid of high-speed tunnels underground which will be used to transport cars and people. Musk previously shared a rendering of what this entire system could look like in real life.

The idea is to ease up traffic congestion above ground by shifting cars and people underground. It’s a strategy that has worked well for decades with subway lines but it’s going to be another feat altogether making it work with cars of different shapes and sizes.

Whether or not LA is ever going to give the go-ahead for a project of this sort remains to be seen.

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