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Food and drinks in games are seen as items players consume in order to regain health, energy, mana, stamina, and etc. Most of the time you wouldn’t pay much attention to what you’re eating as long as it gets the job done, although there are games such as Final Fantasy XV in which a lot of attention is focused on the food.

So much so that during the development of the game, its creators wanted to make sure that the food represented in the game could actually be made in real-life. Now if you love Final Fantasy XV and the attention to detail, you might be interested to learn that fans of the game have put together an unofficial cookbook of the recipes from the game called “That’s It!”, which for those unfamiliar is a line that the character Ignis shouts whenever he finds something.

The cookbook itself is free and available online so if you’d like to check it out, you can do so. It appears to be very, very organized, sports a clean layout, and the photos taken accompanying the recipes are pretty clear as well, so for a fan-made project it’s actually rather impressive, although we do have to wonder if Square Enix might have plans for their own official version, like of like what Blizzard did for the World of Warcraft cookbook that was launched last year.

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