Image credit - Eater

Image credit – Eater

One of the things that many gamers of Final Fantasy XV are obsessing over is the in-game food. Food used in video games aren’t new, but Square Enix really took things to the next level as the food in Final Fantasy XV look incredibly realistic and also look pretty damn delicious. The best part is that apparently you can actually make a lot of it yourself!

In an article by Eater, they spoke to the game’s art director Tomohiro Hasegawa who revealed that the food in the game was actually tested out and cooked in real life using camping gear. This means that if you have a fully-functioning kitchen in your home, there really is no reason why you can’t cook up a similar feast for yourself.

According to Hasegawa, “Our team members took out their gear and went camping to cook outdoors. You know how even the simplest foods can taste really delicious when you’re out camping? We wanted to focus on that same feeling while we created them.” Yup, it seems that to recreate the experience in-game, the developers actually tested it out in real life so that they could capture that experience as well. Talk about the attention to detail!

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