One of the rumored and highly-anticipated features of the upcoming iPhone 8 is wireless charging. This is because for many, many years, Apple has relied on wired charging despite the fact that many of their competitors have started to include wireless charging in their devices, so it will be definitely interesting to see how Apple could implement this.

We recently got “confirmation” from an Apple supplier about the feature, but in case that wasn’t evidence enough, a video has been uploaded onto YouTube that apparently reveals a new sound your iOS device will make when it is charging. This is part of iOS 11 which is also expected to be the version of iOS that will be installed on the new iPhones.

Now you might be thinking that maybe this sound will replace the existing sound, but it doesn’t.  In fact there are two sound files, with the original being called “connect_power”, while the other is called “engage_power”. It is possible that this might not even have anything to do with charging at all, but given the name of the file it certainly doesn’t seem that way.

The reason why Apple’s rumored wireless charging is so anticipated is because it is expected that it will be different from what currently wireless charging systems offer, and that it could potentially charge the iPhone without the need for accessories like a wireless charging mat. Take it with a grain of salt for now, but what do you guys think?

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