We know that Apple is interested in health/medical-related technology. For example there are rumors circulating that Apple could have some kind of glucose monitoring system in the works for the Apple Watch and that Apple has a “secret team” working on it. Turns out that’s not the only secret team at Apple.

In a report from CNBC, it seems that Apple has another secret team that is working on transforming your iPhone into a one-stop-shop for all medical related information. The idea is that iPhone users will be able to store all their medical information on their devices, so that whenever they visit a doctor, they’ll be able to pull up all the latest and most updated information about themselves and present it to doctors.

This saves time from doctors from having to retrieve patient files themselves, which could be handy especially if you’re visiting a new doctor or traveling to somewhere foreign and where the doctor might not have access to your files. The report from CNBC reveals that Apple has been in talks with various developers, hospitals, and other industry groups.

They have likened this system to what Apple has done for music with iTunes, where there will be a central location for users to find all things health related. Unfortunately there’s no word on when exactly this is expected to debut, but given that Apple did not announce anything like this at WWDC, perhaps we’re still quite some ways off from it being made a reality, so take it with a grain of salt for now.

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