Before the Apple Watch was official, there were many rumors swirling around regarding the design and features of the device. Many had believed back then that the Apple Watch would be a groundbreaking health wearable, although so far we’re not really sure if you could look at it that way.

There were rumors that it would come with all kinds of sensors to track the wearer’s vitals, such as their glucose levels which could come in handy for those with diabetes. Clearly that feature did not make the cut, but a report from CNBC has revealed that Apple has a “secret team” of biomedical engineers who are working on such a sensor for the Apple Watch.

The team is allegedly working on a sensor that would be noninvasive and would allow for the continuous monitor of blood sugar levels. This will help those suffering from diabetes to get a better handle on their illness. Assuming they are successful, it would be seen as the “holy grail” for life science since it has proven to be rather challenging when it comes to tracking glucose levels without piercing the skin.

The report goes on to add that this is something Apple has been working on for at least five years and was envisioned by Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs before his death. We’re not sure if this technology will find its way into the Apple Watch Series 3, so maybe we shouldn’t get our hopes up just yet, and we should probably take the report with a grain of salt for now.

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