Shortcuts are immensely useful, especially for actions that you do frequently. A good example would be how iOS and Android offer users a shortcut for launching the camera app directly from the lock screen, thus saving users time from unlocking their phone and then launching the app.


Now if you’re someone who takes notes frequently, you might be interested to learn that Chrome OS could be getting a note-taking shortcut from the lock screen. Spotted in the Chromium repository, the folks at ChromeUnboxed discovered a potentially new feature which reads, “Update stylus settings for lock screen note taking. Fixes a number of issues with stylus settings for note taking on lock screen.”

However it should be pointed out that the feature isn’t live yet, but as 9to5Google points out, it does set it up in such a way that in the future, developers will be able to take advantage of it, where they can create apps that can be launched by users before they log into their computers for quick access.

No word on when the feature will be launched, if at all, it could simply be a feature that is being tested, but we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for more information.

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