We know that Facebook has some pretty huge video ambitions, but if there is one problem the company is facing, it is that many users tend to upload pirated videos onto its platform. This has sometimes resulted in entire movies being ripped and uploaded onto Facebook, and more often than not videos from YouTube are also uploaded onto Facebook without crediting the original source.

This is why it doesn’t really come as a complete surprise to learn that Facebook has recently acquired a startup by the name of Source3 that will help fight against pirated videos. For those unfamiliar, Source3 is a startup who develops technology that aims to help platforms such as Facebook detect intellectual property that might have been “stolen” and shared on the internet without permission of the original creator.

In an announcement on Source3’s website, “Today, we wanted to let everyone know that we’ve decided to continue our journey with Facebook. We’re excited to bring our IP, trademark and copyright expertise to the team at Facebook and serve their global community of two billion people, who consume content, music, videos and other IP every day.”

Now this isn’t to say that Facebook has not done anything to combat against pirated content. The company has been working on its own solution in the form of Rights Manager, but perhaps it isn’t quite as robust as Facebook had hoped, and hopefully with the acquisition of Source3, Facebook will do a better job at cracking down on pirated video content.

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