Fitbit is probably best known for their fitness trackers, which over time have evolved in terms of design and functionality, which is why when we heard that Fitbit was planning a smartwatch of their own, this progression made complete sense. However since the announcement, we have been hearing quite a few troubling reports regarding the development of the watch.

One of it being that the smartwatch could launch without support for third-party apps, but thankfully it seems that the rumors weren’t true. Speaking to The Verge, Fitbit’s CEO James Park reassured customers that the smartwatch will be launching with a number of apps from specific partners, and that they will also be rolling out an SDK that will allow other third-party developers to create apps for the device.

Unfortunately Park did not provide any specifics as to what kind of apps we might be able to expect from their partners, or when the watch will be launched. Earlier this month we had heard rumors that the watch could be further delayed, but the company had stated back then that things were on track.

Either way we suppose the only thing we can do is wait and see when the device launches, whenever that might be, and hopefully for the sake of the company whose shares are down nearly 60% this year, it will be able to live up to the hype.

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