HBO’s Game of Thrones series has a lot of titles that they can put to its name, although there’s probably one title that we’re sure HBO isn’t really liking so much, and that is the show being one of the most pirated series of all time. Given that each season seems to be drawing viewers deeper, and deeper into the world of Westeros, it looks like its piracy isn’t slowing down either.

According to piracy analysis company MUSO, it seems that the premiere episode of season 7 of Game of Thrones was pirated a whopping 90 million times across the globe. This is significantly more times than the actual official view count, which is estimated to be about 16 million, and this covers illegal streaming, torrenting, and direct downloads, which as you can image is proving to be quite a headache for anti-piracy companies to monitor and track.

Based on the break down, the most illegal views for the season 7 premiere came from the US at 15.1 million, followed by the UK at 6.2 million, Germany at 4.9 million, and India at 4.3 million. There are other countries involved, naturally, but these are the top 5. It has never been a secret that Game of Thrones episodes are heavily pirated, but still, these figures are staggering.

That being said, the premiere episode was also found to have an impact on porn viewing. Pornhub recently released statistics which showed that during the premiere, traffic to its website dipped by 4.5%, higher than the previous seasons.

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