It is pretty much a given these days that most hotels you go to, you will be given a keycard for entry into your room, and sometimes used for the lift as well. However previously we’ve also seen how some hotels are trying to be a bit more by allowing the use of smartphones to act as a keycard of sorts.

This means that guests will no longer have to worry about losing their keycard, and in some instances also allow them to check themselves in and go straight to their rooms. Hilton was one of the hotel chains that was testing the technology, and for those worried about it being not secure enough or hackable, Hilton seems to suggest that they have not run into any issues so far.

According to Hilton, it seems that their initiative to allow smartphones to be used as keycards has been used 11 million times without anything untoward happening. Hilton’s Geraldine Calpin told the Financial Times (paywall) that the hotel had hired security teams and hackers to put their system through the ringer to ensure that it is really unhackable.

While we doubt that anything is unhackable, we suppose so far it has proven to be secure enough, and we suppose it is really a matter of time before we start seeing more hotels start to offer up the feature to its guests.

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