With Apple, Google, Microsoft, and even Samsung launching their own digital assistants for their mobiles and operating systems, it seems that maybe Huawei wants in on it too. In a recent tweet sent out by the company, they posted a somewhat cryptic message about AI, and what it means to “you”.

This seems to suggest that Huawei has something AI-related in the works, although exactly what it could be remains to be seen. Some are speculating that based on the image accompanying the tweet (see above) that it could be some kind of chip to control AI, or a chip with AI on board that could be installed into other devices, not just phones.

Some are speculating that it could be Huawei’s way of announcing their own digital assistant of sorts, although we guess both speculations could be right. As it stands Huawei doesn’t have their own digital assistant software so this could be their way of introducing it. Not to mention the company seems to have shifted its focus and strategy where they will now focus on high-end devices to compete against the likes of Apple.

Huawei recently stated that they believe that their upcoming Huawei Mate 10 will be more powerful than Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8, but whether that is just talk or if it will be proven true remains to be seen.

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