Apple and Qualcomm are currently engaged in a rather bitter lawsuit, but it seems that Apple won’t be fighting this battle alone as recently some pretty major tech companies have thrown their support behind the Cupertino company, claiming that Qualcomm’s lawsuit against Apple will have dire consequences on the rest of the industry should they be successful.


Intel is one of those companies that is part of a lobbying group that represents those companies, and have since recently come forward with a statement of their own on the matter. According to the statement issued by Intel, “Qualcomm did not initiate this investigation to stop the alleged infringement of its patent rights; rather, its complaint is a transparent effort to stave off lawful competition from Qualcomm’s only remaining rival.”

“This twisted use of the Commission’s process is just the latest in a long line of anticompetitive strategies that Qualcomm has used to quash incipient and potential competitors and avoid competition on the merits.” However like we said, these tech companies aren’t 100% altruistic since clearly this will affect their business as well.

Let’s not forget that Intel had at one point in time also tried to compete against Qualcomm and the ARM architecture with their own mobile chipsets, but that didn’t exactly work out.

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