By now most of you might have heard against Apple’s legal battle against chipmaker Qualcomm. Despite having worked together for many years, it seems like their relationship has reached the breaking point where both companies are suing each other, with Qualcomm even seeking to ban the iPhone from being imported into the US.


Recently we’ve heard how some of Apple’s manufacturing partners have stood up against Qualcomm, and it looks like they’re not alone. A report from Reuters has revealed that many other major tech companies are now backing Apple in their lawsuit against Qualcomm. According to the report, this comes in the form of a lobbying group that represents major tech companies.

The group known as the Computer & Communications Industry Association includes companies such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Intel, and Samsung, just to name a few. Now obviously these companies taking a stand aren’t doing so for altruistic reasons, but rather it seems that they are arguing that should the ITC ban Apple from importing foreign-assembled iPhones that uses Intel’s chips, it could have a significant impact on supply for phones that would ultimately hurt consumers.

According to Ed Black, the CEO of the group, “If the ITC were to grant this exclusion order, it would help Qualcomm use its monopoly power for further leverage against Apple and allow them to drive up prices on consumer devices. What’s at stake here is certainly the availability of iPhones and other smartphones at better prices.” We’re not sure how long this lawsuit will be dragged out, but Qualcomm has recently expressed their hopes that it could be settled out of court.

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