Landing in a new country at a new airport can be an intimidating experience, especially if it is in a country who speaks a different language than back home. However for the most part, most airports are pretty well equipped to handle tourists and visitors with clear signages in multiple languages.


However it looks like over in South Korea, they’ll be taking things to the next level. LG has recently announced that they will be rolling out its Airport Guide Robot and Airport Cleaning Robot to the Incheon Airport in South Korea. If you’re wondering why these robots sound familiar, it is because they were initially announced earlier this year at CES 2017, and it looks like LG will be piloting these robots at the Incheon Airport.

As their names suggest, the Airport Guide Robot will be roaming around the terminals where it will be able to provide customers with information such as directions and information about boarding times. It will also be able to speak four languages which includes Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese. Passengers can even scan their boarding pass with the robot and it will escort them to their departure gate.

As for the Cleaning Robot, basically it sounds like this is Roomba that’s on steroids. It will be able to detect areas that need the most cleaning and will help ensure that the airport stays nice and clean. If you are visiting Korea in the near future, do keep an eye out for them.

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