We’ll certainly be relying more and more on technology in the years to come. Technology will control our living spaces as per our precise requirements and it will drive us from one place to another. When we get there, it’s also going to serve as a valet to automatically park our cars. Mercedes-Benz is working on that last part. It has teamed up with Bosch to launch an Automated Valet Parking service.

The Automated Valet Parking service will be first available at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany by the start of next year. Anyone, even those who are not guests at the museum, will be able to rent cars that they can not only drive themselves but also park themselves automatically.

The human’s participation in this is limited to using a smartphone app to make a reservation and perform the virtual handover once they’re done with the experience. The Automated Valet Parking service is a result of the combination of Mercedes’ self-driving technology and Bosch’s smart car park grid.

The multi-story facility has a plethora of sensors that monitor their surroundings and inform the car where it should go. While it hasn’t been confirmed which cars will be compatible with this system, a spokesperson for Bosch said that it will work with any car that has a parking control unit, an automatic transmission, keyless entry, and an electronic stability program.

More information about the system will be available closer to launch next year.

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