More carmakers are pledging to change their manufacturing efforts these days, where instead of putting out cars powered by gas, they are looking towards creating more hybrids and full electric vehicles. If you’re a fan of Aston Martin, then you’ll be pleased to learn that the company will also be heading down the hybrid and electric path soon.

This is according to the company’s CEO Andy Palmer who spoke to the Financial Times (paywall; via ArsTechnica) where he was quoted as saying, “We will be 100 per cent hybrid by the middle of the 2020s.” He also revealed that they will be making electric cars and that they expect that 25% of the company’s sales will be EVs by 2030, but for the more immediate future it looks like the company will be focusing on hybrids.

As it stands Aston Martin does an all-electric car planned called the RapidE. This car is expected to be launched in 2019 but it seems that it will be a limited-run model with only 115 models planned, and with a price tag of $255,000, it looks like it won’t be a mass-produced models designed for the general public, but it should give customers an idea of what to expect in future models created by the company.

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