Facebook baked its intelligent assistant M inside Messenger several months ago. It has enabled Facebook to enhance the functionality of its messaging service substantially. M’s latest trick is to enable Facebook Messenger to provide users with Spotify suggestions based on their conversations. Whenever music is brought up in a conversation, it will offer a Spotify recommendation.


This is merely an extension of the Spotify integration with Facebook Messenger that was revealed earlier this year in March. The Spotify recommendations in Facebook Messenger can be triggered with specific words and phrases. Users can type “listen to music” in Messenger and it will offer to “Find Music” for them in Spotify.

If a specific artist is named in a conversation, M will prompt the participants if they want to listen to music from that artist in Spotify. The artist-specific prompts are often displayed without contextual words like “listen.”

Tapping on the prompt brings up a webview with the relevant content from Spotify. If users ask Messenger to Find Music, then the webview will display their recently played Spotify songs, playlists, and even offer a suggestion to create a group playlist.

For artist-specific prompts, the webview will show all of the songs from that artist that are popular on Spotify, their albums, and the playlists that they can be found on.

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