Apple’s iPhone 8 has yet to be officially announced or revealed, although leaked schematics, drawings, photos, and renders have painted a pretty accurate picture, or at least a pretty consistent picture. In fact it seems that over in Australia, McDonald’s might have gotten ahead of itself and has used renders of the iPhone 8 in its latest promotion.

In a tweet by Benjamin Geskin, it seems that these are his renders that McDonald’s had used in their promotion of the McDonald’s app. While there’s no way of knowing if these renders are even accurate to begin with, we suppose it does give us a very early look at how apps might look like running on the iPhone 8, and how the notch in the middle of the display will work with app designs.

It has been previously suggested that because the notch effectively separates the battery indicator and signal bar that Apple could make it more “useful” and maybe even contextual depending on the app. The mockup by McDonald’s doesn’t really take advantage of that, so for now the notch in the screen is admittedly a bit of an eye-sore.

It is unclear if McDonald’s used it and thought it was the actual iPhone, or if they’re simply trying to create some buzz, which seems to have worked.

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