Drones are tools that when used properly can be useful in many different ways. However since it would be a tall order to assume that all drone pilots are responsible, this is where the law needs to step in. The Pentagon has recently signed off on a new policy that will allow military bases to shoot down drones that trespass on their property.


This will apply to both private and consumer drones that are deemed to be a threat, which we guess makes sense. According to Pentagon spokesman Navy Capt. Jeff Davis, “The new guidance does afford of the ability to take action to stop these threats and that includes disabling, destroying and tracking.”

This is actually not the first rule to be passed that allows the authorities to ground drones. For example a couple of years ago, a new bill was introduced that allowed firefighters to ground drones that they deemed were in their way of rescue efforts. This was after drone owners had used their drones to try and record their own footage, and in the process actually hindered the rescue efforts by firefighters.

Following such incidents, the FAA introduced a ruling which required all drone owners to register their devices with the agency, although recently it seems that it might no longer be necessary.

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