#IFA2017 – Smartwatches are a dime a dozen and pretty much most major tech brands seem to have created one or two at some point in time. However if you’re a bit tired of the run-of-the-mill kind of smartwatch, then you might want to check out MyKronoz’s ZeTime smartwatch, which is a hybrid smartwatch of sorts.

The device was launched on Indiegogo as a crowdfunding project where it managed to raise over $6 million in funding, and at IFA 2017, the company has announced that the ZeTime hybrid smartwatch is set for global availability this coming September, so if you’ve been eyeing the device, September is when you’ll be able to get your hands on it.

For those hearing about it for the first time, the ZeTime is a hybrid smartwatch in the sense that it will sport a digital display and also mechanical hands. This means that if you don’t want to turn on the display, not to worry as the mechanical hands will be able to tell you the time. However if you wanted added smarts, the ZeTime will function like most smartwatches and will be able to inform users of incoming calls/notifications, check the weather, play music, and also comes with an optical heart rate sensor that you can use for fitness-related activities.

Available in two sizes – Petite with a 39mm face and Regular with a 44mm face, the ZeTime hybrid smartwatch will be priced starting at $200.

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