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While there are some of us who are perfectly fine with ordering our food and eating it without taking a photo first, there are some who are just obsessed with it. In some cases it can actually be a bit tedious since you would have to wait for them to arrange the food properly, take multiple shots, readjust, and take them again before you can eat.

Now if you’re a budding Instagrammer who wants to take the perfect food photo, it seems that over in that over in the UK there is a restaurant called Dirty Bones that will actually provide its diners with what they are calling an “Instagram Kit”. Basically this kit will help their diners take better photos of their meal.

Obviously this isn’t entirely altruistic because if better composed, better lit, and sharper photos are shared on Instagram, it is basically free marketing for the cafe as well. So what’s in this kit? The kit will comprise of a portable LED light so that you can create better lighting in case it isn’t ideal; there will also be a charger in case your phone is running low; a clip on wide-angle lens so that you can capture everything on the table; a tripod; and a selfie stick.

That being said, Dirty Bones is not the first restaurant to offer up such a kit, but they are the first restaurant chain in the UK to do so. Will we be seeing more cafes and restaurants offer this to diners in the future? Who knows?

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