With the Amazon Echo series of smart speakers that come with the Alexa AI baked into it, it has allowed users to interact with Amazon’s various services including doing their online shopping. Now clearly Walmart, who is one of the bigger retailers in the US, isn’t going to let Amazon have all the fun and have since announced a new partnership with Google.

Basically if you shop via Walmart and have a device that has Google Assistant, like an Android phone or the Google Home, Walmart is now saying that users will actually be able to do their shopping via voice commands, so as you go through your fridge and pantry, you can use voice commands to add items to your shopping list.

Walmart has also announced that their Easy Reorder feature will be integrated into Google Express, which in turns helps to create a personalized shopping experience in which previous orders can be remembered to make it more efficient. “When it comes to voice shopping, we want to make it as easy as possible for our customers. That’s why it makes sense for us to team up with Google. They’ve made significant investments in natural language processing and artificial intelligence to deliver a powerful voice shopping experience. “

That being said, Walmart won’t be available on Google Express until late September, but for those interested you can head on over to Google’s website and sign up to be notified for when it launches.

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