Apple’s Find My iPhone feature is meant to be a recovery feature of sorts, where if you’ve misplaced your iPhone, you will be able to locate it using the feature. Unfortunately it seems that in recent times, hackers have managed to exploit the feature and in turn have been locking Mac users out from their computers unless they pay the ransom.

However before you get too worried, note that the hackers will need access to your iCloud username and password, so it’s not as if anyone can be targeted by this. However if hackers do have access, they’ll be able to remotely lock a Mac computer using a passcode, thus preventing Mac users from accessing their own computers.

Users who have been affected by this issue have also been given ransom demands of around $50 in order to have their accounts unlocked. For those wondering how the hackers managed to get their hands on the usernames and passwords, thankfully it seems that these are due to various data breaches from other sites, and not a breach on Apple’s servers, so there’s some comfort in that.

In order to prevent yourself from being hacked, users are recommended to update their Apple ID passwords as well as enable two-factor authentication. Those who have been affected are also recommended to get in touch with Apple to have their computers unlocked.

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