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#IFA2017 – Have you ever hated getting up from your chair in the room and have to walk over to the kitchen just to get a drink or a snack? Wouldn’t it be much more awesome if your drinks/snacks were delivered to you instead? While getting a butler might be too pricey for some, the folks at Panasonic might have a more hi-tech solution.

At IFA 2017, the folks at Panasonic have taken the wraps off a concept piece of tech called the Moving Fridge. As its name implies, this is a fridge that can move, and the best part is that it is voice activated meaning that when you call for it, it can come, and also responds to various voice commands. It also doubles as a sake fridge and apparently can make recommendations for food to pair with your sake.

However like we said it appears to be a concept at the moment which means that we doubt we will be seeing Panasonic putting it into production anytime soon, but it is pretty cool, plus the fact that it can kind of stow away and hide itself flush against the wall also means that it is a relatively compact setup and great for smaller homes that don’t have too much space to spare.

Given that our homes these days are becoming a lot smarter than they used to be, we wouldn’t be surprised if one day such refrigerators were to become a reality.

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