The range on electric cars is one of the main reasons why there are still quite a few car owners out there who aren’t quite ready to make the switch. This is because unlike gas-powered cars, the range of electric cars tends to be much shorter, although that is something that has improved greatly over the years.

In fact it seems that some of Tesla’s cars can hit a range that is greater than expected, and that is a feature that Tesla has remotely unlocked for its owners in Florida who are trying to escape Hurricane Irma. Thanks to a remote OTA software update, Tesla has unlocked the full potential of the 75 kWh battery packs that come in the Model S, Model X 60, and Model X 60D cars.

What this means is that owners of those vehicles will be able to travel further, thus allowing them to escape Hurricane Irma while stopping less to recharge. For those unfamiliar, Tesla used to offer customers the option to buy a vehicle with a 75 kWh battery pack that was software locked. This resulted in a car with a shorter range, but a cheaper price tag, where they were also given the option to unlock the full potential for additional costs.

However due to the emergency situation in Florida, Tesla has decided to unlock it for free, at least temporarily. This has since been confirmed by Electrek who reached out to Tesla.

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