Electric cars are the future simply because in terms of sustainability, they are better than regular gas-powered cars that consume fossil fuel, which is a finite source. Volkswagen knows this and in a report from Reuters, the carmaker has announced their plans to step up their EV efforts and are aiming to have at least 300 EV models by 2030.

Note that these won’t be all Volkswagen branded cars, but it will be spread throughout the various brands that it owns (such as AUDI, Bentley, Bugatti, and so on, just to name a few). The company will be investing $24 billion in their efforts to create more EVs and has set a new goal of introducing at least 80 new EV models across its brands by 2025, versus their previous goal of 25. They are also aiming to create an electric version of its existing 300 models over the course of the next decade or so.

Carmakers aren’t the only ones who are pushing to create more EVs in the future. Even countries and governments are looking to do their part in making the change, with the most recent report indicating that China is looking to set a deadline on the ban of sales and production of fossil fuel-powered cars, joining the likes of Germany and Norway.

There are also non-carmaker companies who are looking to become “greener”, such as Uber who has recently announced that they want its entire London fleet to consist of EVs by 2025.

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