One of the main differences between how console gamers play and how PC gamers play is through their input devices, in which PC gamers mostly rely on the keyboard and mouse, while console gamers use a gamepad. However a few years ago, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One would be getting keyboard and mouse support soon, but that has yet to materialize today.


The good news is that according to a report from Windows Central, it seems that Microsoft’s Xbox Platform CVP Mike Ybarra reiterated that support for keyboard and mouse is coming soon, although when exactly that will be happening remains to be seen, but we guess the reassurance from Ybarra means that Microsoft has not forgotten nor scrapped the idea.

Speaking at a panel during PAX West, Ybarra was quoted as saying, “Keyboard and mouse support is definitely coming. We have to be very smart in how we do that. We’ll leave it a lot up to developer choice. A lot of people tweet me and say “you can’t do this because of fairness,” and we understand that. We run two platforms; the Xbox platform, and the Windows platform.”

Like we said there is still no firm date on when the support will be coming, but it will definitely change the way games are played on consoles, although not necessarily in a good way. For example Blizzard did not seem too thrilled with the idea, and while they did not say why, it’s not that hard to imagine that this will create some imbalance between gamers who use keyboard + mouse and those who don’t.

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