There have been rumors swirling to suggest that Apple could be working on an augmented reality (AR) headset of their own. These rumors were further fueled with Apple launching ARKit, and with its new iPhones seemingly supporting the technology. However if you were hoping to see an Apple AR headset anytime soon, don’t.

In an interview with The Independent, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook revealed that he doesn’t think that the technology for an AR headset isn’t quite there yet, implying that if Apple were to release such a product, it won’t be anytime soon. Cook prefaced his comments by saying that Apple doesn’t comment on the rumors about the things that they are working on, which is pretty standard.

He then goes on to add, “But today I can tell you the technology itself doesn’t exist to do that in a quality way. The display technology required, as well as putting enough stuff around your face – there’s huge challenges with that. The field of view, the quality of the display itself, it’s not there yet,” he says. And as with all of its products, Apple will only ship something if it feels it can do it ‘in a quality way’”

Cook’s comments are pretty much in line with what Apple usually does, in which in some instances the company is mocked for being “late” to the market with certain features, but yet are ultimately well-received nonetheless. According to the CEO, “We don’t give a rat’s about being first, we want to be the best, and give people a great experience.”

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