How do you know when your cake is ready to come out of the oven? If you’ve baked long enough, chances are you’ll instinctively know when it is ready and when it might need a little more time. Of course there are also tools like a thermometer that can help, or sticking in a toothpick works as well.


But if you’re looking to take out the guess work, then you might be interested to learn that GE Appliance’s FirstBuild has recently unveiled a smart connected piece of bakeware that can let users know when their cake is ready. According to Larry Portaro, Director, FirstBuild, “This is the first known integration between bakeware, ovens and smartphone apps, that allows anyone to bake the perfect cake based on the ideal finished temperature of the food.”

This means that even novice bakers will be able to ensure consistency in their creations, or at least as far as the baking process is concerned. Given that our home appliances are starting to get smarter, what with smart ovens, connected sous vide machines, fridges that know when it needs to be restocked, and so on, smart bakeware doesn’t really come as a surprise.

In terms of commercial availability, FirstBuild expects that it will be available in early 2018 where it will be designed to play nicely with GE Appliances’ connected ovens.

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